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Hon. Shri Dwarkadas Yashwantrao Pathrikar
President, MSSPM, Pathri

Our college has aimed to secure a bright future for our students by making them to rise to the rightful place through more active involvement in the pharmaceutical care. The pharmacist is the focus for all strands of knowledge, which support the rational and safe use of medicines.

This is an exciting time for pharmacy education. With greater number of India's population pushing into old age and growing advances in medicine creating more pharmaceutical advances in medicine creating more pharmaceutical products, our country is facing a critical shortage in one area of health care delivery- qualified pharmacists. The demand for pharmaceutical services is expanding dramatically in community pharmacy, health-system pharmacy, managed health care and the pharmaceutical industry. This continually expanding and dynamic profession offers a wealth of opportunities in familiar and unfamiliar – settings. Many occupations offer to improve society's quality of life, whereas the profession of pharmacy involves the preservation of life itself. Our goal is to promote the health and welfare of the people of Aurangabad and the country, by preparing graduates of the highest caliber in pharmacy, to take professional responsibility for the outcome of drug therapy in patients.

LBYP College of Pharmacy is committed to education, excellence and expanded opportunities for our students. With experienced faculty and staff and modern infrastructure, LBYPCOP is prepared to provide its students state-of-the-art education with opportunities found like nowhere else in the country. At LBYPCOP, we strive to improve our ability to provide excellence in pharmaceutical care and education by strengthening our ability to act strategically in relation to the rapid and dynamic changes in the profession.

With the right resources today, we can expand our impact to affect more lives in more places with greater depth of solutions, while education and preparing pharmacists for tomorrow.

Hon. Mrs. Usha D. Pathrikar

LBYP College of Pharmacy is committed to provide a conducive environment to students for developing their knowledge and aptitude in the field of pharmacy and related sciences.

Over the years the college grew in strength, crossing many milestones and soon becoming well known for its discipline and high academic standards. With excellent infrastructure, committed and knowledgeable faculty, hard working non-teaching staff and a conducive environment for teaching learning process as its corner stones, the college built a strong diploma and undergraduate program.

This will be achieved through Continuous efforts in developing and framing comprehensive policies for faculty members for any and all tasks to ensure smooth and consistent operations and decisions.

Updating Infrastructure, facilities and services to make education more research oriented and based on current Industry and academic trends and to make students competitive and confident.

Continual improvement in quality management system through teamwork and dedicated efforts of all faculty members.

Regular training programmes for Faculty and non-teaching members to improve knowledge, skills and personality.

Varun (bhiya) Dwarkadas Pathrikar
Joint Secretary, MSSPM, Pathri

Over the years the field of pharmaceutical sciences has grown with research and development. This profession has a large socio-economic relevance to the Indian economy. It is committed to deliver high quality drugs and formulations at an affordable price to the general population. The transformation of the sector, which is both desired and necessary to reach the global standards, has made commendable progress. With this in mind Mitra Sadhana Shiksan Prasarak Mandal established Late Bhagirathi Yaswantrao Pathrikar college of Pharmacy at Pathri, so as to provide an opportunity to the semi-urban and rural youth of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra to develop and create a better tomorrow.

With this in mind Mitra Sadhana Shiksan Prasarak Mandal, in the primitive stages of development itself, has provided for state-of-the-art infrastructure and all the facilities needed for the pharmacy course. It is not only teaching, but also co-curricular and extracurricular activities that shall be provided for. We sincerely desire that our students pass out from this Institution with not just a diploma & degree in Pharmacy, but as healthier human beings, realizing that pharmacy and its related professions are among the most noble and honorable callings that one may seek. They demand the highest degree of ethical behaviour, and morality and an ever-present awareness and sensitivity to human problems.

I wish Late Bhagirathi Yaswantrao Pathrikar college of Pharmacy all the best.

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